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Founded 1998 in Manchester Center, Vermont (VT)

Rich Marantz
Director / Teacher

Our Mission:
To help the individual and the
community realize their potential
and live lives of good health and
happiness,utilizing the methods
and philosophies of Tai-chi chuan,
Qigong and traditional Chinese
external-qi healing.


This site was last updated April 20, 2007

  Rich's new book

The Way of the Voice of Peace

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The Way of the Voice of Peace and Tai chi practice
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Do these situations sound familiar?
  • You want to learn how to
    reduce stress in your life.
  • You've experienced a chronic ache,
    illness or other physical injury and
    your doctor has recommended
    Tai chi for self-recovery.
  • You've heard about the new studies on
    the benefits of Tai chi, which report
    improved psychological well-being and
    cardiovascular fitness, a decrease in
    stress-hormones and much more.
  • You are interested in adding greater
    meaning and depth to your life.
  • You enjoy learning new things and
    seek out tools and strategies for
    personal success and fulfillment.
  • You want to continuously improve
    your mental, emotional and physical
    health and turn-back the clock.
You can live a life of greater ease
and experience better health

Tai chi is a proven method to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Through regular practice, you can transform your health, restoring yourself to where you were before you got hurt, sick or noticed yourself getting off track. And, you can rejuvenate your energy and become even happier. It's possible, it can be done, and I've done it. Please read on….

So where did you get off track?

Everyday stressors build up and create tension in the body. This makes you more susceptible to emotional reactions, body aches, pains and injuries and creates a slow degrading of your mental, emotional and physical health. While this is common, human potential can reach far beyond this reality. With Tai chi, you can learn to take charge of life's ups-n-downs through gentle exercises that powerfully and positively affect all areas of your life. This isn't just another exercise program.

Get the right support to create
long-term health improvements

Improving your health could take a
long time without the right support.
However, when you have a solid
teacher, someone who can give you
useful resources, clear instruction
and inspiring classes that make a
difference, and makes class lessons
applicable to everyday life, you
magically start to make changes in
their self-care that last a lifetime.

Green Mountain Tai chi has
the tools and support you need

Rich Marantz of Green Mountain
Tai Chi assists people who are
ready for greater wellness through
fun classes, workshops, private
instruction and healing sessions.
Rich is certified in the instruction
of Tai Chi, Qigong and is an External
Qi Healer, having undertaken intensive
international trainings with master
teachers of the sacred Taoist healing
arts. His love of sharing the benefits
of Tai Chi and Qigong results in a
down-to-earth, step-by-step and
easy-to-understand style of teaching.
Rich has been leading programs that
create lasting change since 1996.

Find out if Tai chi is right for you

Call Rich today and schedule your
get-acquainted consultation to ask key
questions and talk about solutions.
You'll have an opportunity to discuss
you're your health and wellness goals
and if there's a match, how Green
Mountain Tai Chi can help you
become healthier, stronger and
live a life of greater ease.

Contact Rich Marantz Today

Phone: (802) 645-1960

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