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Traditional Chinese Qigong External Qi Healing

When you have achieved physical and spiritual well being you have the ability to train to a certain degree of quantity and quality of yuan (original) qi and refine again and again until you have spare energy to share with others. You can choose to emit this Qi with patients; this is called "external Qi healing."

Under the guidance of an experienced Qi Gong Master you can learn to train the Qi to go through special pathways by using various techniques. Combine this with different hand and mind methods under the guidance of traditional Chinese Medical theory and the healer can emit Qi with his mind and apply it to the patients' organs or particular parts of the patient's body. Thereby helping the patient delete blockages and balance the Qi field and improve its quality. As a result, the patient will enjoy better health.

To become a master of healing requires many years of self Qi Gong cultivation and training to emit external Qi as well as it requires years of working with patients. A weekend healing seminar will not make up a master of healing.

In a typical treatment a patient is fully clothed and lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. The first part of the treatment is spent discussing the particular issue that brought them there as well as different aspects of their lives. The actual time of external-qi treatment includes the healer emitting-qi without touching the patient and may also involve acupressure. Following the treatment, suggestions and instruction might be given such as a particular meditation, Qigong or Tai-chi exercise and dietary and lifestyle changes.

To set up an extenal-qi healing treatment with Rich he can be reached by phone at 802-645-1960 or by email at

External-qi healing is facilitated by Rich at
Manchester Acupuncture and Herbs 2434 Depot St., Manchester
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