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With Rich Marantz of Green Mountain Tai chi

Integrative exercise classes, health seminars and retreats to calm the mind, energize the body and inspire self-care.

Is Tai Chi right for your organization? Let's find out...

You've heard about the Tai Chi research reporting an overall improvement of psychological wellbeing, mood, cardiovascular fitness, a decrease in stress-hormones and much more. You'd like to bring these benefits to your organization.

You want more than just another exercise class for your members. You want them to walk-away with practical, life enhancing strategies that they can apply to their everyday challenges and inspire them to integrate what they learn and take better care of their health.

You want your members to become even more productive, enjoy being at work and reduce personal and professional stress to lower health care expenses.

You've been referred to Rich from a friend, co-worker or you've heard of his unique teaching methods that are known for their approachability, ease-of-application and down-to-earth inspiration.

Sample Client List
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
Flood Brook Community Collaborative
Equinox Terrace
Vermont Achievement Center
Bromley Brook School
Green Mountain College
Bennington College
Serenity House
Green Mt. Academy of Lifelong Learning
Castleton College
Spiritual Retreat Centers
Village at Filmore Pond

Sample Seminar Topics
Secrets of Tai Chi Pain Relief
Doing More with Less Energy

If this speaks to your organizations health and performance goals, then please read on….

Experience better teamwork, productivity and reduce healthcare expenses by bringing Tai Chi into your organization

When people feel right in their body, they are less likely to be drawn off balance in the workplace and disappear in daydreams, unproductive busyness or want to be somewhere else than work.

By offering a series of Tai Chi integrative programs that are designed to positively impact all aspects of your members' lives, the benefits of Tai Chi begins to permeate the organization, culture and habits of your members and the result is profound. Better teamwork, enhanced productivity and healthier habits.

So how can you improve your organization's wellness culture?

Don't give your members one more thing to do. It's confusing and ineffective to provide a mish-mosh of health education programs with no clear, measurable end point.

By offering an integrative program that creates results, is applicable to workplace challenges and is lead by someone who can engage, relate and facilitate powerful health improvements, you gain a greater return on your investment.

Get the right support your organization needs to create long-term, healthy changes

Changing your organization health culture could take a long time when there isn't an integrative program. However, when you have a solid partner, someone who can give you useful resources, clear instruction and inspiring classes that make a difference, your group magically starts to make changes in their self-care that lasts a lifetime.

Green Mountain Tai Chi has the tools and support you need

Rich Marantz of Green Mountain Tai Chi assists organizations who are ready for wellness in the workplace through unique classes, workshops and retreats. Rich is certified in Tai Chi and Qigong instruction and has been leading programs that create lasting change since 1996.

Find out if a Tai Chi program is right for you

Call Rich today and schedule a get-acquainted consultation to ask key questions and talk about solutions. You'll have an opportunity to discuss your organization's health and wellness goals and if there's a match, how Green Mountain Tai Chi can help your members become healthier.

Contact Green Mountain Tai Chi to schedule a get-acquainted consultation. Call Rich Marantz at (802) 645-1960 or email today.

Not sure if this is for you? Learn more about my unique approach.

Not ready yet? Subscribe to my e-newsletter for practical, inspiring lessons on healthy living.

Our clients need tools and techniques for when they leave our treatment center that will allow them time to focus and re-direct their craving for substances and make better, healthier life choices. After a recommendation from a staff member who had studied with Rich, we offered Tai Chi to our in-patient members. In just three sessions, our clients have experienced greater physical strength, an increased ability to focus, and have learned healthy, alternative choices to drugs and alcohol. Graduates of our treatment programs have written at the 30 and 60-day check-ins and shared that as a result of learning Tai Chi, they have experienced greater patience and focus that allowed them to re-direct their thoughts when they wanted to "use." This delay in acting on their cravings can save a life.

Mary Ellen O'Brien
CEO, of a Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
Wallingford, VT
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