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Yang Style Tai Chi DVD — $25
In volume one of the Long Form series of Tai Chi DVD's with Rich Marantz, you'll experience 65 minutes of yang style tai chi with front and back views, plus as a bonus, Zhang Zhuang standing meditation with guided instruction.

Now available!
DVD copies of Rich's simplified Tai chi TV show "Stillness in Motion"

 Each episode is 1/2 hour long. For a sample show check out Episode #7
 For pricing and more information contact:

Silver Bagua Pendant — $49 (this item is out of stock and not available)
Tarnish-resistant sterling silver. Actual size 1” diameter. Each pendant cleansed with incense and infused with Qi. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Optional: High quality 20" sterling silver 2mm ball chain (as pictured) with lobster claw clasp ($25). All ends are soldered.

Green Mountain Tai-chi T-shirt — $12 (This item is out of stock and not available)
100% cotton pre-shrunk. Black ink on serene green shirt. Printed front and back. Logo is on the front left pocket, dragon across the whole back.
T-shirts are Temporarily out of stock.


Observations of Tao Booklet — $15 (This item is out of stock and not available)
A Compilation of Articles, Ideas and Meditations by Rich Marantz. 8 1/2 x 11 paperback. Spiral bound. 101 pages.
"The ancient Daoist philosophy the 'the sacred lies in the ordinary' is brought back to light by Rich Marantz in his honest, straight forward look into daily spiritual practice. The author has climbed from his own challenges only to share them with the reader. Because of this approach, Observations of Tao doesn't rely on the esoteric, instead it draws on an eclectic approach through meditative essays, shorts, instruction and questioning, allowing students from many disciplines, beginners & serious students alike, to take what they need from the readings. Observations of Tao lays out the idea the 'simple doesn't mean easy'."
Jason Werner - Portland, Oregon

Connecting to Tao CD — $16
Have you been looking for a guided meditation CD? Your search is over! The Connecting to Tao CD has three guided meditations. In the first of the three, the meditator is led to connect with the eight energies of the Bagua to promote self-healing. During the second meditation you are guided to scan through the body to release and let go of tension as well as to open the joints. The third meditation is practiced standing and utilizes tree imagery to help develop rootedness - a very useful tool for practitioners of Tai-chi chuan. All three meditations have soothing, original background music designed to help you enter into and remain in a meditative state. These guided meditations are appropriate for both beginner and experienced meditators. Please see the Connecting to Tao pdf for more information.

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