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Tai chi, Qigong & External-Qi Healing Sessions

So what does it take to experience the benefits of Tai chi? In over a decade of professional teaching and mentoring, here are what I believe to be the necessary steps to reach your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness goals through Tai chi.
1. Clarify
The first step to experiencing the benefits of Tai chi is knowing what results you want to achieve. What is your reason for learning and studying Tai chi? What is the end result you desire? Get clear on the big picture of your Tai chi training and step two becomes effortless.

2. Commit
Without a commitment to regular practice, as with anything in life, results will be minimal. Many people never move past step two because they have not found the greater purpose for their Tai chi. If you're having difficulty practicing, repeat step one. The bottom line: what you put into Tai chi is what you get out of Tai chi.

3. Direct
As your practice deepens, your Tai chi will expand to include a life enhancing direction. This "Tai chi lesson" comes with proper direction and support of a good teacher. For some it will be about re-connecting with their spiritual source in a natural and non-dogmatic way; for others it will be about learning new life strategies for enhancing everyday living; and others their practice will be about cultivating energy for health, vitality, self-defense, anti-aging, meditation, anxiety-relief, body confidence and the list goes on.

4. Apply
Everything you learn in your lessons are applicable to everyday living. You will learn how to apply what you learn in your one-hour class to the other 23 hours of your day for a better quality of life.

5. Refine
The cyclic nature of learning new movements, application and experiencing the benefits provides ample opportunities to make subtle, yet powerful adjustments in your practice that results in making who you are and everything you do better.

6. Live
With ongoing practice and the corresponding life enhancing insights, your practice becomes a tool for continuous personal growth that can be used to assist you in living fully and achieving your personal and professional goals.
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